Will the real gentleman please stand up!

“Gentleman” is a precarious word, a title for a very small section of world’s largest community. There are men and there are gentlemen. While the former can be found in different shapes and sizes across the world, there are different names accredited to them like chauvinists, studs, dudes, pansies as per their characteristics across the world. Whereas a gentleman is an uncommon breed privy to few and an illusion to many.

Of the many hats that men wear (just like women do), it is to be blamed to the hat that a man falls under a specific category. A chauvinist derives his identity out of his ideals designed to maintain the balance of nature, according to him man is a hunter and woman is a house-keeper and that the balance of nature must be maintained. More like camouflage, it is the ability of dudes to seep-in the environment and behave cool. A stud on the other hand has the ability to make women go weak in their knees and make other guys want to be like him.

While a gentleman does not have any of these qualities, he possesses something rare. In a single chat with him, he will remind you that this world is still a beautiful place. In his gentle demeanor, you will find goodness. During conversations you will find a subtle yet noticeable smile on the faces of his listeners. His simplest of actions will make anyone and everyone feel at home. While a gentleman does not immediately create an envy amongst peers and a frenzy amongst the fairest sex, he creates an impression that both the sexes will yearn for.

Being a gentleman is not easy, it will need you to give and take a lot of respect, a commodity which went kaput while the generation Y was growing up. Being a gentleman will require a man to look at others with affection and not want anything in return. Being a gentleman would require you to show courage and help when no one is helping. Being a gentleman would need you to do the right thing when nobody is watching. Being a gentleman will require you to be gentle and respectful towards women, elderly and for that matter every soul on this planet. Being a gentleman will need you to create a gentle and a loving world to live in by repeating your actions again and again and then again.

Like I said, no piece of cake. If it made any sense, please try it at home and office and anywhere you go… And if it has not made any sense, congratulations, yours and the world of your loved ones is never going to change…

Signing off… Aspiring to be a gentleman…