Lessons for PR pros from AAP’s clean-sweep and BJP’s capital loss:

  1. Never get too comfortable – nobody should ever get too comfortable, especially leaders. With its unending wining spree, BJP got too comfortable and never really did what it should have to win the elections in the national capital.
  2. Work as a team – when you don’t work like a team, everybody else can see it. The noise and discomfort within the BJP team during the national capital elections was clearly visibly and it cost them dearly.
  3. Research is imperative – a good research is a good preparation to take any job at hand. AAP did its research well and was well prepared to take on any challenge about its claims from the very beginning. BJP avoided any open debate.
  4. Be involved: You cannot feel the temperature of the pool, unless you step right into it. AAP leaders never got out of the pool.
  5. Small is big – However small your competition is, never ridicule them about their size and shortcomings. Treat them as young and inexperienced without calling them small.
  6. Do not boast – Boasting costs dearly to anyone and we saw what it did to a national party which was challenged by a local younger kid.
  7. Big words need stronger actions – If you are getting into big speeches with heavy words, make sure you supplement the same with strong actions.
  8. Be seen – Sometimes being heard is not enough. Delhites got a lot of respite seeing AAP supporters and over one lakh volunteers on the street and odds ruled in the AAP’s favour
  9. Apologise – apologise when required. It only shows that you are human and have the humility to make right of any blunder you have committed. BJP never apologised, still has not.
  10. Stay honest – Stick to the brief and advocate your points with all your might. Only if you are seen as earnest, you will get a chance. If you change statements, you are not credible.
  11. Work hard – Stick to the goal and work hard. Cover all the loopholes with a 360 degree approach. If something is left, finish it. AAP’s strategy to be heard through all platforms helped, they did not favour or block any communication channel.
  12. Do not get involved in mudslinging – if you throw dirt, you get dirty as well. Avoid the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent.
  13. Audience is not foolish – last but the most important, do not take your audience as fools. If you cannot back your claims, audience will never back you.
  14. Modesty is the best policy – If you do succeed despite all odds, do not take it to your head. Be modest and let it seep in.

The write is a PR professional and the views are personal. Feel free to add comments.

Sumit Singh Jamwal