Late twenties, the new mid-age crisis?

I recently read a post that went viral on social media channels, a letter from 40 year old to 30 year old self. One thing that got stuck was to quit drinking. It got me thinking, how drinking has become an integral part of the life for most of us in late twenties. I haven’t figured the right answer yet.

What is the urge to let alcohol get into your system to help you shed your inhibitions? For all the workaholics it means the end of a day’s work. For all the thinking types, it helps in letting the creative juices flow and for all the frustrated souls in their late twenties it is an elixir that helps them get over their worries and let loose.

There is a constant fight between what the heart wants and what the brain allows. For those, who cannot keep it in balance as per the society norms are treated as outcastes. What does the heart really want? What does the brain want to prove? What is right and who decides it?

One thing that starts getting clearer around this stage of life is that whatever you have done so far in life may not hold any meaning going further and what is coming next is out of your control. Majority of us do not have the courage to break our routine and embrace change, as routine is the only part of this puzzle called life that holds us together.

By the late twenties, each one of us can count of a number of things brain made our heart loose, whether it were our passions, the moments for things we liked doing, love etc. It starts making no sense and we spend more time looking for answers. For those, who have not found their life partners yet, the urge to seek approvals for inner desires is never satiated and they make more noise than others. Long relationships start getting sour around this age as we get more and more unsure of what we want. No one has the correct answer or a right formula to sail smooth through the late twenties.

I am certain that the late twenties may be the new mid-age crisis. Blessed are those who sail through happily and stay so. For others, who are still looking for answers, let us not be too hard on ourselves and just keep walking for each of us has one answer waiting ahead of us.






Manali_Leh_Nubra_Manali June 20_28

Join us as we travel through the terrains of Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir covering most of Ladakh. The motorcycles are ready for the adrenaline junkies while those scared of the adrenaline rush can sit comfortably on four wheelers as we cruise through the views of Jispa, Alchi, Pangyong, Nubra etc.

Manali_Leh_Nubra_Manali June20_28
Manali_Leh_Nubra_Manali June 20_28

Find your adrenaline at Rishikesh this summer ; 16-17 May

“Adrenaline” – ‘a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that increases rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism and prepares muscles for exertion’.

When was the last time you got an adrenaline rush. If it is taking you longer than you expected, pack one bag and come along to Rishikesh on 16-17th May. The plan is simple and as follows:

  • hop on to an AC bus leave Delhi on Friday 15th May midnight or early on Saturday – 16th morning
  • reach Rishikesh and hop on to a raft
  • dive into the icy cold holy Ganges, swim along or against the flow
  • brave the rapids as the raft commander shouts “forward” , “steady”, “back”
  • stay at a jungle camp or beach side camp
  • share stories at the evening bonfire
  • get together over F&B
  • gaze at the stars all night if you want
  • wake up early enough for a serene trek
  • capture the birds, flora, fauna in your cameras
  • retire to the base camp and heck, whoever wants to return to the city can do so

Enough said.. and there are add-ons such as:

beach games, if you insist…

motorcycle, mountain cycle ride, if you fancy..

music and instruments, if you can..

So choose your ‘thing’ and let us know..

For any questions, do post a message or send an email to

Lessons for PR pros from AAP’s clean-sweep and BJP’s capital loss:

  1. Never get too comfortable – nobody should ever get too comfortable, especially leaders. With its unending wining spree, BJP got too comfortable and never really did what it should have to win the elections in the national capital.
  2. Work as a team – when you don’t work like a team, everybody else can see it. The noise and discomfort within the BJP team during the national capital elections was clearly visibly and it cost them dearly.
  3. Research is imperative – a good research is a good preparation to take any job at hand. AAP did its research well and was well prepared to take on any challenge about its claims from the very beginning. BJP avoided any open debate.
  4. Be involved: You cannot feel the temperature of the pool, unless you step right into it. AAP leaders never got out of the pool.
  5. Small is big – However small your competition is, never ridicule them about their size and shortcomings. Treat them as young and inexperienced without calling them small.
  6. Do not boast – Boasting costs dearly to anyone and we saw what it did to a national party which was challenged by a local younger kid.
  7. Big words need stronger actions – If you are getting into big speeches with heavy words, make sure you supplement the same with strong actions.
  8. Be seen – Sometimes being heard is not enough. Delhites got a lot of respite seeing AAP supporters and over one lakh volunteers on the street and odds ruled in the AAP’s favour
  9. Apologise – apologise when required. It only shows that you are human and have the humility to make right of any blunder you have committed. BJP never apologised, still has not.
  10. Stay honest – Stick to the brief and advocate your points with all your might. Only if you are seen as earnest, you will get a chance. If you change statements, you are not credible.
  11. Work hard – Stick to the goal and work hard. Cover all the loopholes with a 360 degree approach. If something is left, finish it. AAP’s strategy to be heard through all platforms helped, they did not favour or block any communication channel.
  12. Do not get involved in mudslinging – if you throw dirt, you get dirty as well. Avoid the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent.
  13. Audience is not foolish – last but the most important, do not take your audience as fools. If you cannot back your claims, audience will never back you.
  14. Modesty is the best policy – If you do succeed despite all odds, do not take it to your head. Be modest and let it seep in.

The write is a PR professional and the views are personal. Feel free to add comments.

Sumit Singh Jamwal

Will the real gentleman please stand up!

“Gentleman” is a precarious word, a title for a very small section of world’s largest community. There are men and there are gentlemen. While the former can be found in different shapes and sizes across the world, there are different names accredited to them like chauvinists, studs, dudes, pansies as per their characteristics across the world. Whereas a gentleman is an uncommon breed privy to few and an illusion to many.

Of the many hats that men wear (just like women do), it is to be blamed to the hat that a man falls under a specific category. A chauvinist derives his identity out of his ideals designed to maintain the balance of nature, according to him man is a hunter and woman is a house-keeper and that the balance of nature must be maintained. More like camouflage, it is the ability of dudes to seep-in the environment and behave cool. A stud on the other hand has the ability to make women go weak in their knees and make other guys want to be like him.

While a gentleman does not have any of these qualities, he possesses something rare. In a single chat with him, he will remind you that this world is still a beautiful place. In his gentle demeanor, you will find goodness. During conversations you will find a subtle yet noticeable smile on the faces of his listeners. His simplest of actions will make anyone and everyone feel at home. While a gentleman does not immediately create an envy amongst peers and a frenzy amongst the fairest sex, he creates an impression that both the sexes will yearn for.

Being a gentleman is not easy, it will need you to give and take a lot of respect, a commodity which went kaput while the generation Y was growing up. Being a gentleman will require a man to look at others with affection and not want anything in return. Being a gentleman would require you to show courage and help when no one is helping. Being a gentleman would need you to do the right thing when nobody is watching. Being a gentleman will require you to be gentle and respectful towards women, elderly and for that matter every soul on this planet. Being a gentleman will need you to create a gentle and a loving world to live in by repeating your actions again and again and then again.

Like I said, no piece of cake. If it made any sense, please try it at home and office and anywhere you go… And if it has not made any sense, congratulations, yours and the world of your loved ones is never going to change…

Signing off… Aspiring to be a gentleman…

Help, only if you can!

For any crisis situation, the audience around can be classified into three primary categories: the majority of gossip mongers, yes hard to miss their staring and whispering, followed closely by those who have no solution to the problem but have to be seen as rescuers, and then there is a minuscule minority of the personalities with an actual solution. I adore the last category as they are simply angels sent by god to bridge the gaps whenever required.

In a medical emergency on a Delhi-Mumbai flight last time, when a girl discovered her mom unconscious near the lavatory and raised an alarm for help, I had a familiarization session with all three categories!

By the time Flight attendants started calling out for any doctor on board while unloading the first aid kit, i was in a dilemma and could not decide if I had any medical knowledge which could be of any assistance to the patient whatsoever.  I could see all the heads turned around beginning to analyse the situation and formulate some gossip inside. I was also surprised to see a queue of men who got up like gladiators and smiled their way to the patient staring at everyone already staring at the patient. While I was relieved that there were so many doctors on board, I was soon brought back to my senses as soon as these not-really-doctors opened their mouths with their witty and smart-ass comments. I still wonder where did they get their doctorate from. I was wondering if their primary aim was to stop all the oxygen from reaching the patient!

In the midst of all this, nobody had realized that a real doctor had already rushed to the patient and had done what she could do best. While the onlookers were getting agitated for not getting enough attention to their silly remarks, this young lady doctor had taken control of the situation and the poor passenger regained her senses.

A look around the flight showed many fancy faces, curious, tensed, thoughtful, concerned and proud. Proud were those of the onlookers who traveled all the way from 1F to 30D to take a closer look, block the oxygen, block the way for flight attendants and those who could possibly help and give their really unhelpful advice. My favorite were those who suddenly discovered an unusual event on a regular flight and started taking strolls on their imaginary beaches inside the flight.
After regaining consciousness the patient went back to her seat followed by the proud and smiling onlookers. Now was the time for gossip-mongers to start with their own analysis of the whole event.

I kept my eyes on the doctor who displayed utmost sincerity and a resolve to help. Her face displayed relief as she moved to her seat and settled back. 

Setting the expectation right!

if the headline has caught your attention, you are already wondering what now?,You have already heard it enough..

You know it in the back of your mind every time you deal with your client, make new business pitches, deal with third parties. You have even cursed yourself on what you need to learn before you become a smart dealer and save yourself all the stress every time a third party asks you for something impossible.

Before you start looking out for an answer, have you analysed why it happens so often. It may not be something you have not said right or done wrong. Was your first meeting with your client all about creating a first impression and you thought it was impertinent to introduce your client to the reality.

Obviously you had a huge pressure on your superman shoulders, while trying to create a first impression on your client as you wanted to only impress and impress your client with your credentials and case studies. Obviously it was rude to tell your new client that his business model is different from the case studies that have got him weak in his/her knees.

Obviously it was nowhere less than losing a battle if the client chose other competitors above you in the pitch. So there is no point lamenting over what has happened.

Always remember in our line of business, nobody is wrong and you are never always-right. If you differ from the above statement, i envy you already. And if you chose to agree halfheartedly, lets together and try to find a solution to the problem at hand i.e. setting the expectations right:

Analyse: Lets try and analyse the situation first. Why are you being hounded by impossible tasks and unbelievable timelines. Is it because the first impression went a little too far and the client already thinks you are a super -man/woman? maybe, even if that is the case, all is not lost. A meeting with a client at a convenient time and a good day will help.

List down the impossible: So your client does not listen and is always threatening you with other options available in the market? It is time for a meeting again, this time with a sheet of recent achievement closely followed by a list of impossible tasks which you can not manage. One should remember that the client is paying a retainer for possible tasks, even the agreement on the stamp paper maintains the same.

Move beyond the regular:  Gone are the days when coverage in all newspapers would impress the client so much that you would be entitled to a mail with accolades. Now it goes beyond what content?, what size?, did it capture the main points?, which edition?, which day?, and if you still get an accolades mail, it means either your client is having a brilliant day at work or you are just plain lucky. So strategise and move beyond the regular. Control your own expectations and do not walk the same path every time, in fact try new tricks with every new job at hand.

Be on top of your game: Learn more about your client’s industry, challenges, competition and even their challenges. Once you have perfected your knowledge sharing session with the client, you may get surprised on the surprised yet thankful look at your client’s face.. but keep your emotions in check and do not get too excited to promise what you cant deliver.

Anticipate: Start anticipating on the business environment. It does not require a diploma in rocket science but asking few questions to the right people. Media has made the job easier for you as they can anyways anticipate everything before you can even imagine. So learn from them.

Consult more often: Always remember, as per dictionary a “Consultant” is an experienced professionals who provides expert knowledge (often packaged under a catchy name) for a fee. Since, most of the keywords here match with our job description, it is only pertinent for us to consult as much as possible.

Offer solutions: I have said that earlier and i will say it again, everybody can see a problem, you are no different unless you bring solutions to the table. So try and channelize your energies towards joining the dots and finding a solution to the problem that scares you the most.

Like somebody famous said it sometime, the best way to deal with your problems is to face them.