Late twenties, the new mid-age crisis?

I recently read a post that went viral on social media channels, a letter from 40 year old to 30 year old self. One thing that got stuck was to quit drinking. It got me thinking, how drinking has become an integral part of the life for most of us in late twenties. I haven’t figured the right answer yet.

What is the urge to let alcohol get into your system to help you shed your inhibitions? For all the workaholics it means the end of a day’s work. For all the thinking types, it helps in letting the creative juices flow and for all the frustrated souls in their late twenties it is an elixir that helps them get over their worries and let loose.

There is a constant fight between what the heart wants and what the brain allows. For those, who cannot keep it in balance as per the society norms are treated as outcastes. What does the heart really want? What does the brain want to prove? What is right and who decides it?

One thing that starts getting clearer around this stage of life is that whatever you have done so far in life may not hold any meaning going further and what is coming next is out of your control. Majority of us do not have the courage to break our routine and embrace change, as routine is the only part of this puzzle called life that holds us together.

By the late twenties, each one of us can count of a number of things brain made our heart loose, whether it were our passions, the moments for things we liked doing, love etc. It starts making no sense and we spend more time looking for answers. For those, who have not found their life partners yet, the urge to seek approvals for inner desires is never satiated and they make more noise than others. Long relationships start getting sour around this age as we get more and more unsure of what we want. No one has the correct answer or a right formula to sail smooth through the late twenties.

I am certain that the late twenties may be the new mid-age crisis. Blessed are those who sail through happily and stay so. For others, who are still looking for answers, let us not be too hard on ourselves and just keep walking for each of us has one answer waiting ahead of us.